Plant Rescue

underwater man statue surrounded by cacti plants

You can rest easy knowing that your viable plants are recycled and find a healthy, creative home.

green cactus growing tall behind house in garden
flowers pink and yellow
wall and door full of decoations allens hauling
Statue resting in cactus decoration junk from allens hauling
plant vase small cactus decoration allens hauling
cactus nature artwork collection from allens hauling
small cactus artwork and vase
allens hauling plants and junk decorations
hanging shells artistic piece junk hauling
owl statue with keys and silverware
spoon aged decoration antique junk
Turquoise statue woman ceramic
metal bird statue decoration artwork
plants growing from ceramic plate
Red elephant statue beautiful
statue missing arms and legs
shelves with art junk decorations
small bird in a truck junk hauling
beautiful small plants and a vase
allens hauling glass sculpture beautiful artwork
Rusty old garden table
plants near the fence junk
Monkies laughing statue among plants
Allens hauling hanging plants
Plants and greenery in backyard
childrens playground overgrown
sweet plants and vases stored from plants
beautiful vase with plant inside
metal sculpture junk hauling
cultural piece surrounded by plants
allens hauling metal statue
cactus artwork from collected junk
allens hauling plants and artwork
underwated man suit statue among cacti
main door with decorations adorning it and the wall
Owl card decorative picture
Cactus flower purple with thorns
brown vase holding large plant decoration
native american statue on outdoor table
statue and cofee cups in the back of garden
airplane artwork coming from plant
clay mask hung up on fence above metal
native american statue on outdoor table
garden plants decorating door
lantern aged antique artwork
typewriter keyboard faded and broken
old typewriter decoration rusted antique
keys decorations special unique artwork
close up photo of plants
sheep and sheepherder statue ceramic
woman statue in a bird cage junk
green plants close up detail shot
junk from allens hauling in backyard
plants deocrating back yard space
Allens hauling table and items
Small cactus garden outside display
many plants and outdoor decorations
large vase with plants overgrowth allens hauling
allens hauling vase with plant in it
small statue from allens hauling junk business
metal fork statue
allens hauling watering can
antique cow skull hung on fence
small buddha and plants found from allens hauling
succulent plants in ceramic vases beautiful
fence plants and decorations from junk hauling
Small headless figurine in plants
small figurine junk artwork
ceramic pot with plants growing from it
Bird and plants artwork from junk
cactus tall plants growing over plant
statue with glasses wooden antique
religious statue holding green plant in vase
medium sized cactus plant in metal pot
yellow cactus in old coffee cup
junk decorations from hauling business
watering can with plants growing from it
door decorations junk from allens hauling
screws rusted art design
female statue deity beautiful artwork
plants and artwork decorating garden
large collection of plants and artwork
elephant god statue allens hauling
unique reading statue recovered from junk hauling
Allens hauling junk vase and lantern
Dog sculptures differently sized junk from allens hauling
succulent plants as decoration outside
small cactus in a vase gathered from junk
Headless statue with plants growing form it
Small plants decorating back yard gathered from allens hauling
plants growing from vase in backyard
teracotta soldier plants growing from garden
garden of junk artwork
Metal buddha statue in the garden
Small birds and cute plants
Bronze horse art sculpture
Garden fence and beautiful plants
ceramic artifact recovered from junk haul
Succulent plant rescue junk hauling allen
swan plant art piece
Allens hauling metal artwork and plants