Art Studio

Your ‘junk’ may become a thing of beauty and joy at Patrick’s studio.

wall art of small trinkets artwork

You can read more about Patrick’s art in the Napa Valley Register Visits to the Studio are *by appointment only*, during art events.

Patrick also released an art series “Turns with Sun” you can view here. Below is a collection of art that he has made from inspiring material found during his hauls! 

young girl with glasses on painting
man with flip up glasses on custom artwork
cowboy small statue junk found from allens hauling
bird metal statue artwork allens hauling
pennies and statue peaking behind the side
paintbrushes in art studio decorations
paintings and artwork on wall decorations
statue keys and eye stone artwork
painting plants spraypaint decorations
many different paintings with various glasses on
family wih sun glasses covering faces artwork
car and small toys in pink vehicle cute
cute racoon artwork and other art items
saw painting amazing artwork on wall
statue holding key art decorations unique junk from allens hauling
peacock feathers statue
woman painting on clip board
wooden artwork with glasses attached small man
teracotta soldier with sunflowers growing from
door decorations pictures stamps and signs
wall artwork collection intersting piece
woman with large glasses next to buill skeleton
allens hauling items found from junk
furnice and junk found from allens hauling
painting on wall spray paint beautiful unique
paintings hung up on wall decorations
junk in house allens hauling art hung up
clip board artwork hung up on wall
religious statue and junk tower figure artwork
deer statue standing on buildings and shells
rulers and junk collection in house
three pictures meldd together into one photo junk collection
artwork multi picture collage intersting black and white