Annual Plant Sale

 Join us in “Allen’s Alley” for our annual plant sale. Patrick rescues and cares for many plants, but he can’t keep them all! So each year, he holds a plant sale the 1st week of May to help his beloved plants find a new forever home.

Door covered in plants and artwork
small religious elephant statue with metal behind it
backyard fence leading to plants and junk storage
cactus in large pot decorations junk in backyard
patrick art studio and plant recue map

How To Find Patrick’s Studio & Plant Rescue


Address: 151 Randolph St, Napa

You can use 151 Randolph St to locate his block, but the plant rescue and studio are located in the alley between Franklin and Randolph, you can enter from either Elm St or Ash St. Please see the diagram below.

Parking: Please park outside the alley on Randolph St, as space in the alley is limited.

For any questions related to the plant sale, please contact Patrick at 707-252-4373.

swan plant art piece
small figurine junk artwork
ceramic artifact recovered from junk haul
sweet plants and vases stored from plants
small statue from allens hauling junk business
Allens hauling metal artwork and plants
cultural piece surrounded by plants
Metal buddha statue in the garden
Small plants decorating back yard gathered from allens hauling
allens hauling metal statue
Bronze horse art sculpture
small buddha and plants found from allens hauling
Allens hauling hanging plants